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November 1, 2009

It’s been awhile, I hope to be able to update more often.

Last time I wrote about this all great guild I was apart of. The guild was called Dirty Dozen on the Tichondrius Server. Well as you can see by the past tense comments, I am out of the guild. The sad thing is I was kicked out because I disagreed with something the guild master did. (That being inviting me to Onyxia, pulling me to the instance and then booting me out when his friend got on, and the previous time we did Onyxia I was second in DPS. I wasn’t mad that I was bumped by a guildie. I was mad that I was summoned all that way, and then booted for his friend who wouldn’t do as much DPS as I)

Well that being said, My wife and I decided to start our own guild, Pestilence. She built the guild up fast and we’re just waiting on a few healers to hit 80 so we can do some Naxx runs and more.

I had to changeWe had to change our names due to a couple of our OLD guild members (Not Dirty Dozen, but our original guild) harrassing us in game.  So we both have new toon names.  Which sucks, but had to be done.  Shame some people can’t deal with the fact that this is a game.