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Poochieboy is on the scene

January 27, 2010

My Fiancée and myself have been playing WOW for about a year now.  I have been playing on and off for longer.   I have a level 80 Blood Elf Rogue, She has a level 80 Blood Elf Hunter.   The guild we are currently in ( 2 of the founding members) just isn’t raid ready.  We are in desperate need of two things,  Healers and Tanks.  We have talked about really rolling two toons together and playing them from 1-80 together.   She got a late start to World of Warcraft but was able to get her Hunter to 80 way before I got my Rogue on this Server up to 80.

Now we are playing two Paladin’s together.  My Paladin is named Poochieboy (After her 3 year old son) and he’s leveling at the moment as Retribution.  She’s made it to 30 and I’m nipping at her heals at 28.

We wanted something that would help round out the guild when we finally got these toons to 80.   We figure we will both spec end game Tank/Heals.  That way we always have a Tank and a healer if we need it.   So now I’m spending a majority of my time on my Paladin and not so much on my Rogue.