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Plugging along..

March 24, 2010

Still plugging along leveling my Paladin and my poor Rogue is just sitting there only getting logged into to more or less gather herbs for mana potions, burning a Transmute or opening a lock box for a guildie.

I’ve got Poochieboy to level 75 and I’ve been healing the heck out of Dungeons.  Clearing Many.    I’m loving that the fiancee has a Paladin tank and we’ve pretty much running dungeons together.  She’s a  couple of level higher than I am, but she plays a little more during the day.

I’m thinking of dropping Ret and picking up Prot so I’m dual specced Prot/Holy but right now I don’t see myself tanking anything as my fiancee is running as a tank and doing a great job.

Well look for more blogging to be done int he future.   Mostly about my Paladin I think.


Healing: What you the non healer should know.

March 2, 2010

Ok, I’m new to the healing thing and I always looked to healers as the driving force behind keeping the instance alive.  Yes the Tank is important, but I think the healer is just as important if not more so.  I always treated the tank with respect and made sure to head to their aid if a mob bypassed the tank and went to the healer.

That being said, my first PUG healing situation rubbed me the wrong way.  I LFG and got put into a PUG for Ramparts.  Not a big deal, I had done Ramps as DPS before, even ran through DPS on my Paladin in Ret spec, so I sort of know the instance.  

The first problem I ran into was a Hunter screaming at me for not putting on Blessing of Kings, I gave him Blessing of Might.  Opps, my bad.   Could have handled it a little better and asked instead of screaming at me asking me if I ever played the game before.  Etc.   (I’ve since downloaded Pally Power to help with my blessings)

The next problem was the big problem.  DPS and a Tank that didn’t understand that the healer needed to have mana and they would just pull tons of mobs and yell that I wasn’t keeping then healed fast enough.  Now granted I wasn’t geared greatly, still had some lower 50 gear in my holy spec.   These guys didn’t have much better gear and expectted me to keep them alive while pulling more than they could handle.  Well I kept up for the most part until they decided to go and pull a mob while I was at  0 Mana.  I sat down and drank some mana potion and watched as they died.  I then popped my bubble and ran out of the instance, thus leaving group.