Plugging along..

Still plugging along leveling my Paladin and my poor Rogue is just sitting there only getting logged into to more or less gather herbs for mana potions, burning a Transmute or opening a lock box for a guildie.

I’ve got Poochieboy to level 75 and I’ve been healing the heck out of Dungeons.  Clearing Many.    I’m loving that the fiancee has a Paladin tank and we’ve pretty much running dungeons together.  She’s a  couple of level higher than I am, but she plays a little more during the day.

I’m thinking of dropping Ret and picking up Prot so I’m dual specced Prot/Holy but right now I don’t see myself tanking anything as my fiancee is running as a tank and doing a great job.

Well look for more blogging to be done int he future.   Mostly about my Paladin I think.


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