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Dungeoning as a Holy Paladin

April 6, 2010

I’m about 50% from reaching 80.  I’ve been in pretty much every regular dungeon.   I’ve been in more Pugs than I care to admit.  I take that back, I don’t mind pugs as long as the group is somewhat competent.   Last night was a great example.

My Fiancee (Who is level 80 and a Paladin) que up and pull Halls of Stone.  I’ve done HOS a few times, I am comfortable with the run.  We start the instance and the Hunter in the group winds up pulling aggro off the tank.  I politely ask for him to manage his aggro.   He shoots back saying the tank, who happens to be my fiancee and a Paladin, didn’t use Death and Decay?  Yes you read that right.  So I’m like, Death and Decay is a Death Knight ability(yes our group had a DK in it, but he was DPS) He’s like oh my bad.  Our next pull, he goes and starts attacking what isn’t marked.  Starts going down fast. I keep him up as best as I can while keeping up the tank and others who are fighting the marked enemy.  He then yells, Why don’t use use Divine Storm.  Um…This guy obviously is one of those guys that knows enough to make himself dangerous.

Well after him being kicked from the party, we pulled in a nice little warlock and we had a nice run.  Even joking among ourselves about the Mage using Misdirect, the Warlock using Tricks of the Trade and a DK that would pop into cat form.  It’s runs like that run last night that makes me enjoy the game.  We all started out with a bad experience and turned it around and had fun with it.